At Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds Los Angeles we are family owned and operated. We serve all counties in Greater Los Angeles Area. We are known by some people as the fastest bail bond company in Los Angeles!

Bail Bonds Process

Bail Information – Let our helpful experts walk you through the entire bail process. We make everything super easy!

Jail & Arrest Info – Find all the jail information in one place. We make it easy to locate your loved one as they travel through the system.

Bail Forms – Use our online forms to jump start the bail process. You can post bail without leaving the comfort of your home!

Why Choose Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds?

Our agents and personnel have worked in all aspects of the California Criminal Justice system that unique combination of professionals is the key element to getting the job done. When you engage our services a closely knit team immediately springs into action assisting you to navigate the criminal justice process while quickly and efficiently bailing your loved one.